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An excellent guide to understand the outline of Gallbladder problems. - JAK [May 25, 2015]

Got a very small gall stone, but doctors don't or won't do anything. Been given cocodimol to ease pain - Robert [February 21, 2015]

I have the same problem Alicia it is horrible it almost feels like all of the fluid and energy leave your body and you can feel it slowly drain out of you. However I'm making an appt. as soon as I get up in the morning I had this issue early this morning at 2:45am mine always hit like that early I will actually wake up from the horrible pains and from there it's on until it runs it course which usually 15min to 45mins. But it feels like hours. But when I find out something I will be sure to post it good luck! - Lauren [October 19, 2014]

HI does any one get hot and swet after they have this iusses I have had this on and off I will be fine for a while then my sotmck wil get big I will be in the bath room for a whille I well fell like I will fant is this what the information says let me know - Alicia [October 17, 2014]

My friends in the hospital because after gallbladder surgery the mesh holding my friends stomach together came out so now 2yrs later he's in the hospital because he's all of a sudden leaking a large amount of fluid why - sultry [September 20, 2014]

Has anybody experienced dry itchy skin with and without a "hot rash"on limbs/face? - Tonya [August 16, 2014]

Hi I have some of these symptons like heartburn bloating chestpains constipation indigestion and bitterness in my mouth but I don't eat fatty food how to treat it bcos its long time now having this thing - Nomzamo Dency [April 1, 2014]

Hi! I have been ill now and having these pain's and really bad sickness for 4 months,and it's really starting to get me down! I just want it over. My doctor think gallstones so put me down for a ultrasound! I finally got an appointment. So in a way I hope they find something coz the pain is so bad and uncomfortable. I'm not sure if they find something what happens next so if anyone can help please let me know thank u. Xx - Nia s [February 10, 2014]

I have been experiencing gallbladder symptoms the last 2 months and was wondering if it could also cause pressure on my sciatic nerve? - Debbie F [November 20, 2013]

i think that is vary dangerous - cassandra [February 22, 2013]

Can Gall bladder attacks effect your vision - fran [November 22, 2012]

dull pain in abdominal region under ribs on left side bloated feeling what might this be? - russ [September 13, 2012]

i have a problem in my gall bladder because it's barrier which divided into two parts and a little problem in biliary duct - mohamed daud [June 10, 2012]

I must commend you this is very informative i was also told that abcesses around the bottom area is also one of the side affects of this problem i dont know weather this is correct. - sid l [March 24, 2012]

Gallbladder contracting and blood in stool - alicia [February 19, 2012]

What happens if you just never have your gallbladder removed? If it just goes untreated? A few years ago I was having attacks frequently. My ultrasound showed my gallbladder full of stones, but my attacts became very infrequent so I never had it removed, but continue to have issues. Can it be fatal in any way not to have it removed? Will the stones just dissolve on their own? - Mel D [February 17, 2012]

WOW! This answered alot of my questions! My husband and I will attend the next community health fair and take advantage of FREE screenings.
Great Page! - Linda [February 11, 2012]

Can I get some answer on this question please a.s.a.p.My Brother who is 82yrs old was sent for a fasting scan for his gall bladder, but when the results came through they found his liver but not his gall bladder. He then had to go for another longer fasting scan and still could not find his gall bladder
only his liver. He needs an answer now, he is worried and suffering and the doctor is not very reluctant to give him a reply like NOW! - Kathy Skinner [January 29, 2012]

Very informative. - Amy Modzel [December 14, 2011]

i have a major problem of belching.And it comes up all the time. - brianbygd [August 11, 2011]

i have a major problem arteing i belch often and foo comes back up alot. - brianbygd [August 11, 2011]

The informaton was very helpful. - TB [July 9, 2011]

my wife is 56 and has severe pain for nearly 2 years, seeing countless doctors and a specialist, they are quite ignorant and keep telling her that it is all in her mind, even though she has lost 3o lbs, and has had to retire early, she has endured colonostopy, stomach stretpt {phon} c scans, chest xrays, countless blood test, stool samples, uring tests, ultrasound s to name a few, what gets us is that just because the Drs, are incompetent and ignorant, doesent mean you blame the patient, we are at our wits end, her pain is more prevellant in the early morning after waiking up, and sometimes subsides in the evening and frequently she becomes extremetly phatiqued and and sore all over, and cannot funtion for many hours,, can some one help, we ar e so fruistrated with the canadian drs, dumb and dumber they are, - patrick [June 7, 2011]

I have burning aching pain in my right upper chest. I feel occasional nausea. I do not have any problems having a bowel movement. This uncomfortable pain has been off and on for the past three days. I do not have any breathing problems. I'm planning to go to the doctor tomorrow. I do not eat greesy or spicy foods. I do not eat high fatty foods. I'll see what the doctor say's. If it continues through this afternoon, I may go to the doctor tonight... - Dedrius [May 29, 2011]

my sister has sever scar tissue that will not allow doctors to remove her gallbaladder. she's in very bad pain and they doctor said she can die from they do the surgery, but she can die if the surgery isn't done. tell me what can we do? - Mary Webb [May 17, 2011]

my right waist-back area hurts, like sore, this morning my head hurt and I felt nausea, could it be gall stones - joan [May 6, 2011]

Very thorough and helpful list. I had my gall bladder removed and I had nearly all of these symptoms. This person seems to really know her stuff. - Melissa E. [May 4, 2011]

Nice english... - benigno [April 16, 2011]

The Gallbladder just like the Liver, Kidneys and Colon require a full detox treatment to help cleanse any obstructions that may exist. For any of these organs to function properly all waste matter and stones need to be removed. There are many good detox programmes in existence today that if followed to te letter can resolve most problems and give the person a new lease of life. The gallbladder just like the other organs I mentioned above all serve an important purose in that they have crucial funtions to carry out. If a gallbladder is removed you then have to take some medical drug for the rest of your life. Conventional doctors always go for what they deem to be the easiest option i.e remove the organ! - X8PWE4 [April 14, 2011]

The above information is very interesting, however I have a question! Is it true that the symptomsof gallbladder problems can be detected in other parts of the body i.e the lower legs and feet? I read an article some time ago dealing with meridian lines, and it pointed out that severe leg or foot pain can be a sign of gallbladder problems. I am curious to know if there is any truth or basis to this? - Feargal [April 14, 2011]

This article is almost impossible to understand because of the bad grammar and wrong usage of words--understandable from someone writing in a second or third language--but someone should have translated it better. - Janet [March 19, 2011]

pain off and on around upper stomach no gas symptoms or constipation no yellowing of eyes feels like someone has griped my stomach - susan [February 11, 2011]

I have spent 4 days in the hospital with gallbladdervsludge. The gas is terrrible and constant and embarrasing. What can I do? - mary Bennett [February 9, 2011]

Good article and facts, daughter has disease and we needed quick answers. - Bob Kite [February 8, 2011]

i forgot to mention in my article i just sent i have no pain anywhere before these episodes. - sue [February 4, 2011]

i have vomiting & diarreha say once a month for at least 3 months at a time then they go way then out of the blue they hit me again once a month.
is this sign of glallbladder problems - sue [February 4, 2011]


Very good article gives clearly a wide range of symptons that are easy to relate to. - Ann H [January 22, 2011]

I think you need to proof read your article more carefully - Joanne [January 17, 2011]


yes, my concern is i'm wondering if i have gallbladder systems like after i eat i get really naustated sick feeling, and i hurt around my back and shoulder, back and to with constapation and diheriheia for a while then sometimes i do fine so i'm wondering if it's mainly what i'm eating and it's more ingestion then the other. - Terri [January 8, 2011]

Good information, but there are several spelling and grammatical errors. - C. Lesnia [December 30, 2010]

I have had a problem for about 4 years with pain in the upper right area just under the rib cage between those areas the body maps describe as chest and abdomen. I have thought I am having a lung problem but x rays show no signs. it hurts to breath sometimes. I have stools that range in light yellow, although rarely, to very dark. I have terrible gas but only at night. my upper abdomen gets hard and bloated sometimes. It does seem worse after eating. The pain is constant now whereas it was not in the past, just came and went. they did a sonogram of my gall bladder a year ago and did not see any problem, so I just do not know what to think, this constant pain is all I can think about now. - catherine [December 18, 2010]

I have pain in my lower right side and i have problems some times with passing stool or its runny and when i do activties or breath or lay down to sleep my husband has the same problems - tweety [December 18, 2010]

i have been hurting in the upper part of my rib cage on the left side feels like gas but want go away hurts some when i breath have bein hurting all day - vanessa [December 15, 2010]

I've been hurting underneath my right breast, and everything i eat goes right though me - Tanya [December 14, 2010]

very good information on gall bladder, I thought gall bladder was on left side under rib gage cause that is where i have my pain and that is why i came to this site thank you - virginia [November 19, 2010]

Kerri- you might have a food allergy like lactose intolerance or a gluten intolerance with those symptoms you are describing. - A. Alstott [November 18, 2010]

Very informative page with detailed descriptions. Thanks! - A. Alstott [November 18, 2010]

feels cold and wet - kim johnson [October 30, 2010]

very informational - melvlina [October 25, 2010]

Spelling and sentence structure is horrible and discrediting to this article. Was this written by a 9th grader? - perplexed [October 14, 2010]

My friend is at this moment suffering yet another attack. She has undergone 2 outpatient surgies for gall stone removall (supposedly). She had this done at St David's Hsp (32nd St) in Austin TX. She was taken to the hsp AGAIN tis afternoon, given medication and sent home again. Our mutal friend will be taking her to Houston tomorrow am ibecause she is desparate for a true diagnosis and treatment for our friend, Frannie. I'm afraid that Frannie may not make through the night. Please help us. My phone number is 512 921-8439 - Lupe L Zuniga [October 12, 2010]

THE pain is at navel level and slightly to the left - Barbara [September 12, 2010]

what is porcelain gall bladder? What is the treatment? What is the prognosis - D. Dubofsky [September 5, 2010]

I get bad burning sensation in the middle of my chest, the burning is severe to me. It stops me in my track, and I usually have tears running down me face. And I get chest pain, and sometimes it feels an tightness in my chest. - Tammy Foster [August 27, 2010]

my liver function test was clear does this mean i do not have a problem with my gallbladder. I have a very uncomfortable feeling around my stomach area and under my ribs, also pain around my back and into my shoulder blades, i am being treated for acid indigestion at the present time. - mrs e brown [July 30, 2010]

Other than the misspelling of some of the words the the artice was excellent. - CC Mack [July 21, 2010]

I just left my doctor whom i visited do to pain in my lower right groin area - last night I went to the emergency room due to pain in my back near my spine -- Last night the doctor suspected shingles - told me to observe for rashes and gave me a prescription - the doctor today suggest gall-bladder - WHAT - WHO should i believe - what should I do? The doctor today suggested i fill the prescription but is sending me for a sonogram of the kidney - wants me to catch urine in a drain for 5 days, look for residue, if any - bring to him immediately -- WHAT IS ONE TO BELIEVE? Do? I'm just outta sorts - but my loer absominal area hurts. My gynecologist sent me for a cervical sonogram - found 4 fibroids - did not tell me what size or what to do - I made another appointment to ask those questions and see where we go from here on the fibroids -- the story goes on and on - Doctors? Conditions? I'm trusting the Divine healer ONLY -- what do you say about this - There has been a cchange in my bowels, there is a mucous excretion, no constipation, no diarrhea, but obvious change in bowel pattern, I was sent for an extensive anorectal procedure on that - all seemed to be normal and oka? Symptoms still exist - could this be realted? - Bena [July 21, 2010]

i have a fluter in my chest some time where the gallbladder area, when i first eat lately something stops me from swallowing. i relax and swallow painfully. i then have to drink water to force the problem to go away,then it seems to go away. seem to have loose stools know, light brown in color, 4 family members had problems or died, - john p [June 19, 2010]

sound exactly like my problem, but they didn't find a stone. - tracysmith159 [June 14, 2010]

ok i have stool in my gallbladder what's goiong tpo happen to me. - 5049206261 [May 25, 2010]

i would like to know if me throwing up nothing but bile all the time if this is a sign of gallbladder problems - kelly [May 20, 2010]


Would this problem stem from not eating enough fruit and vegetables and/or eating out alot?
Just interested-my brother-in-law has just had the op, he's 68 yrs.old.
Thank you - Gillian Vosloo [May 1, 2010]

yes i have most of these symptoms i went to the hospital they first said it was i UTI so a few months later i returned with the same symptoms but a different doc. on duty he said it was my GB and that i need it taken out i have no insurance so i dont what im gonna do - Juana [April 25, 2010]

Have had stomach pains for several days on the lower left side. My doctor prescribed Ciprofloxacin and Metronidazole. - Virginia [April 23, 2010]

How is chilling related to yhr gallbladder? - Janice [April 21, 2010]

I am nauseated at least once a day or more. is this a symptom? - colleen [April 7, 2010]

Yes, David Parks! Get your GOAL bladder removed. Once you've done that yourself, ask your doctor to check your gallbladder. - Educated One [March 25, 2010]

Great article, but it's LIVER not LEVER. - Educated One [March 25, 2010]

my symptoms sound the same although mine are mainly on the left side not the right? I don't have a clue but this has been going on for four days now and I'm really getting tired of it what do you think it could be? - Ray [March 16, 2010]

i get nausea at night alot ialso have had diarrha for 3 days pure water it turned green light green one night i dont have hard pain but light pain in my right side to right of my back under my rib what do u think - kenthomas [March 4, 2010]

i think that this is very educational - alex turner [February 24, 2010]

quite good - n.r.g.sastry [February 19, 2010]

What a great page, very informative! - MaryJo [February 2, 2010]

i am glad i have read this. i knew i had problems. now it is time to take care of my goal bladder. i will write more after i have my goal bladder removed. - DAVID PARKS [February 2, 2010]

is there any way to just take out the stones instead of taking out the
gallbladder. i do not want to get cancer for taking out my gallbladder
out? but i am tired of hurting all the time - beverly [January 30, 2010]

i fell bloated all the time, very lethargic
i have bouts of constipation,followed by watery stools
have constant headace and just feel unwell - stephanie marle [January 19, 2010]

i am thankful for this informative and clear information that i sought. - eileen f [January 16, 2010]

this really helped doing a project this is what i needed thanks - kacie [January 15, 2010]

can u work if u have problems with ur gall bladder - a.kaiser [November 19, 2009]

i have a bearbale upper pain i can hardly walk, lay down in any position and it also is affecting the lowing part of my back the pain sometimes is so bad i cannt stand it i9 also have a biter taste with dry evans - sandy t [September 13, 2009]


I am wondering if I am having problems with my gall bladder, as of aprox. 8-9 months ago I started have severe constipation problems, my doctor has put me on 2 prescription strength stool softners, they did not work, my stomach is very bloated all the time, I can go up to 2 and 3 weeks without having a bowel movement, I have what I thought was water retention but after being given a prescrition water pill and getting no relief from it I was worried as I can use my finger and push inward on places of my lower leg and my ankles
and the indent will stay for a min. or so, my feet also get very swollen and the medication for a water pill does nothing, I have terrible pain in my back and just under my breast area, it becomes hard and painful, could this be a problem with my gall bladder? Also I go into the bathroom to urinate and it wont just come out, I have to push, and push more out, and I used to not have to go so bad in the middle of the night or first thing when I wake up, there was one time I was so bloated I looked like I was 9 months preg, so I went to the hospital feeling like I was going to pop, they did a MRI, came back into my room and told me I was extremely constipated, they also sent me home with something to help with that, it did not help at all, I have been double and triple doseing my stool softners and nothing wrks. what is going on? should I get checked for gall bladder stones or infections? - Kerri [August 23, 2009]

I am wondering if I am having problems with my gall bladder, as of aprox. 8-9 months ago I started have severe constipation problems, my doctor has put me on 2 prescription strength stool softners, they did not work, my stomach is very bloated all the time, I can go up to 2 and 3 weeks without having a bowel movement, I have what I thought was water retention but after being given a prescrition water pill and getting no relief from it I was worried as I can use my finger and push inward on places of my lower leg and my ankles and the indent will stay for a min. or so, my feet also get very swollen and the medication for a water pill does nothing, I have terrible pain in my back and just under my breast area, it becomes hard and painful, could this be a problem with my gall bladder? - Kerri [August 23, 2009]

To be able to coin the term "intelligent life on the web", one would think an article would be proofread for spelling, punctuation and gramatical errors. A "lever" is a simple tool, not an organ. - TM [August 22, 2009]

I had my gallbladder removed bout 19 yrs ago and my stomach has not been good since i dont go no where cause i have diarrhea alot - Donna [August 8, 2009]

thank you for the information - reida mitchell [August 5, 2009]

What symptoms of the bioduct, with gallbladder problem? - Josephine E Win [July 7, 2009]

I think this was a very informative article and it helped me a lot...thanks so much common intelligence picture ciprofloxacin - Kendra Tedder [June 30, 2009]

besides all of the above, I'm experiencing very swollen stomach and from being so cold all of the suddening I'm dripping wet from perspiration all throughout my body. Last night I had a very sleeplesly night, I was very unconfortable all night. I told my husband that I should go to the hospital and have myself checked out, but he's a little reluctant, he wants me to wait, it could be something that will go away. What do you think. - LOUISE [June 26, 2009]

well i think it needs to go into MORE DETAIL! - Brendon [June 1, 2009]

Very helpful. - DH [May 31, 2009]

Number 8 and 9 listed under "Gallbladder problems" mention issues with the "lever". Do you folks mean liver?
Number 8 listed under "Gallbladder Symptons" does not make sense! What does breathing deep have to do with dealing with the disease?
This is the very first time I have looked up a medical condition on the internet. I am very disappointed with the lack of quality in the proofreading of the information given. - Mary [May 27, 2009]

What is sludge in the gallblader - lore [April 14, 2009]

my problems include; pain to the lower left side of my belly, and belching,doesn't burn with uranating but i don't have to go alot. went from dark bowel color to a light bowel color, and i have a slight yellow tint in the corner of my eyes. tossing and turning at night when i try ot sleep, and when i sleep i'm still tired. cold sores on my mouth. - violet barger [April 10, 2009]

I don't know what is wrong. I can feel my intestines turn to fluid. Then i start sweating profusely, get very weak, need to have bm and throw up, both at the same time. I have also been losing weight steadily. No answers have been found yet - Rosemarylb5 [March 1, 2009]

do you always have gallstones when
you have gallbladder problems - cowgirl [February 16, 2009]


Informative but the english is terrible. The article needs to be edited and then proof read. - Monica [February 3, 2009]

Everyone is talking about "MRI" and "XRAY" and all that.
If you are having the pain/vomiting & so on,then maybe you should go to "HIDASCAN". Now,If the pain is lower,Appendicitis could be in the picture. If the pain is occuring upper,I'd concider a diseased GallBladder. Talk to your doctors. Im too new at this. - Dr.Pimbertill [January 26, 2009]

someone help! im so confused. im hurting around my right side above my bellybutton. i can't stop throwing up. im beginning to think it's my gallbladder. what do you all think? - michelle [January 26, 2009]

Just because the MRI's come back okay & bloodwork doesn't mean nothing is wrong. You need to talk to your doctors about a heidascan.
or however you spell it. Because when I was having problems all my xray's and everything came back great untill I got my heidascan. - gina [January 26, 2009]

Im 12 and had to have mine removed. I got pains on the right side above my bellybutton. At first they thought it was appendicitis but that was okay so they did bloodwork and it was okay but then my doctor schedualed a heidascan and my gallbladder was only functuning 20 percent so they took it out & i threw up before I got it out and after.
So if you get yours out,Don't be surprised if the vomiting still is occuring. - tlr [January 26, 2009]

Every helpful! Thank You - sammy [January 21, 2009]

i have throbbing in the pit of stomach after eating and when i get up to walk sometimes it goes boom when im having this problem at the time - mary [January 21, 2009]

Everything on here i suffer from. but i do not have gullstones. i have been through many tests including: x-rays, ultra sounds, hida, and many more. the doctors con not find anything. can you help me? - Megan [January 20, 2009]

I found this information very informative and helped me to understand the symptoms and the problems I am experiencing with my gall bladder. - Norma Hill [January 5, 2009]

Your information, has been extremely helpful. I have been having pain under right side of rib cage and had no idea what it could be, till I red your blog. Following that I went to get a physical and was diagnozed with gallstones. Thanks so much for your info. - Ellie Madrigal [December 27, 2008]

This article was very helpful and was just what I was looking for. - Annette Marszal [December 27, 2008]

This could have been an informative article but for the misspellings and atrocious grammar. If you expect people to place any credence whatsoever in your publications, your editing staff needs to be replaced! - Dick Fehseke [December 10, 2008]

thank you for that information it was helpful - majesta [December 8, 2008]

i had galbladder surgery still having pain in the middle of chest could their be a stone still in duct. - carla [October 27, 2008]

I have just had a spell in hospital as my chest painswere thought to have been my heart at first but now I have to have a ultra sound for a diagnosisregarding my gall bladder, i have symptems of being very tired and lethargic is this normal - susan [September 26, 2008]


This is a very informative and helpful article. I would like to suggest the correction of spelling and use of the English language, to make it easier to read and understand for English-speaking readers. - Jennifer Vogel [August 26, 2008]

I am very appreciative of any factual information I can find on the internet because I am in between jobs right now and don't have insurance! I am a 37yr old petite female and have been perfectly healthy my entire life but was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome almost a year ago. However, my symptoms have increased "dramatically" to the point where no matter what or how much I eat -I experience extreme indigestion, gas, bloating, dizziness, occasional blurred vision, (and my right eye began watering the other day for no reason). I also just recently started having occasionally nausea. In addition, I find myself having to get up in the middle of the night and urinate which is very unusual for me. My "C" doctor said it may be my gallbladder or endometriosis and suggested I have blood work done. I am concerned it may be some form of cancer(stomach or colon) but I can not afford to have an intensive procedure done right now and don't know if I need to go to the Emergency Room. I am scared and know something is not right. - Leslie [August 16, 2008]

my name is Tara i am 18 and i have a Family History with my Family getting thier Gallbladders i have been having pain on my Right side for the past 6 months or more on my right side.. the back can't go to the bathroom at all i wanted to know can these be the Symptoms of gallbladder problems - Tara [August 9, 2008]

This is very informative for gall bladder stones problamatic persons.If a stone present in gall bladder then the gall bladder is diseased? and it has to be removed.
Dr/Deepak - Dr.Deepak Sharm [July 25, 2008]

Thanks for the info. It was bery informative and did not scare me to death. - Nancy [July 12, 2008]

Hi My name is Amy and im 25 years old and a mother of 2 daughters and I wanted thank you for these tips on the gallbladder. I have been expierencing quite a few of these symptoms and Im now on my way to the emergency room to get checked Thanks again for this helpful article - Amy [July 2, 2008]

Great article. Very informative & helpful! - Diana [July 2, 2008]

Good information but need to spellcheck. Liver is spelled incorrect in several places - kathy [May 20, 2008]

you need to learn how to spell, or at the very least, not rely solely on spellcheck because it will not catch when you write "lever" instead of liver. - matt [March 16, 2008]

excellent, - Florence [March 13, 2008]

i had my gallbladder removed oct 2007 still having pains is this normal??
- Karen [March 12, 2008]

very informative and interesting. easy to read and understand. thank-you... - jay [March 2, 2008]

Having continuous, sev er pain in R-side for 5-6days. Been to ER twice. MRI run of Intestinal tract. NOTHING found. Frequent urine thru out day. GYn found nothing. Primary Care ruled out Apendix, intestines, bladder.
Suggestion of where to go next???? - Jacque [February 28, 2008]

Doctors should have, should not have the permission to end the life of a terminally ill patient - gaydome [February 12, 2008]

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went to er. the dr. said everything looked ok but, my liver was a lttle enlarged but no big deal. have all the symtems of a gallbladder attic (gall stones) never did the dr. order a ultra sound and 2 days will be 1 week. this has been going on. i do have i.b.s. could it just be the i.b.s.? And why would the e-ray show my liver enlarged a little
- brand [January 17, 2008]

can liver appear enlarged do to having gall stones?
- bb [January 17, 2008]

This information was very helpful. I thought I had developed a milk allergy, (as my children are allergic to milk), because I have stomach pain when I eat cream sauces and cheese. A friend suggested that it might be my gallbladder. This never even occurred to me. After reading this article, I have more symptoms and I think I should talk about this with my doctor. Thank you. - Susan [January 15, 2008]

My eye brow be hurtin too so what what chu talkin bout' - Shaniqua [January 15, 2008]

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Pretty much nothing notable happening. My mind is like a complete blank. I've just been hanging out waiting for something to happen. Not much on my mind to speak of. I just don't have anything to say. That's how it is. - largegirlsxxx [January 4, 2008]

Uniforms should be, should not be required in public schools - male supersite [January 3, 2008]

More or less nothing seems important. So it goes. Oh well. It's not important. That's how it is. - justfacials [January 2, 2008]

The Aging Population Hurts The Economy - pinkvisualdvds [January 1, 2008]

I've just been letting everything wash over me recently. So it goes. What can I say? - asian parade [December 31, 2007]

I understand everything, but what happens when you have your gallbladder remove? What happens to your digestive system? - patty [December 29, 2007]

Last friday, I was feeling nausea, vomitting and headache, therefore, I went to our company doctor for check and doctor diagnose as glastiric flu. She prescribe some medication and I stop vomitting but my nausea, giddy and headache still on, especially early morning, i will feel like vomitting and keep burbing and also diarroea in the morning. Till today, after 10 days, early morning still feel nausea, and when I go toilet, it is still a bit of diarrea. Could you advise is this a symptom of gall problem? Thank you - Mary [August 20, 2007]


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